What is Your Speech Buddy Personality?

What is Your Speech Buddy Personality?


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Which Speech Buddy Personality Are You?

Which Avenger are you? What Frozen character most resembles your personality?  Are you Anna or Elsa?  Do these games sound familiar? Seems like everywhere we turn on social media lately, there are games that compare our personality to a famous character.  So, in that vein, we thought of doing the same at Speech Buddies. What Speech Buddy personality are you?  Rabbit Buddy, Seal Buddy? Speech Buddies has five Buddies specifically designed for your child’s articulation disorder.  Who are these five Buddies and which one is the fit for you?

Who Are The Five Speech Buddies?

R-Rabbit Buddy Button Rabbit Buddy for the R sound. Corrects words such as rain, train, and clear.
L Lion Buddy Lion Buddy for the L sound. Corrects words like laugh, clap and special.
S-Seal Buddy Seal Buddy for the S sound. Corrects words like soup, castle and glass.
SH-Shark buddy Shark Buddy is for the SH sound. Corrects works such as shed, sunshine and finish.
CH-Cheetah buddy Cheetah Buddy is for the CH sound. Corrects works like chip, teacher and beach.

Speech Buddies are tools that teach correct tongue positioning for the five most difficult sounds – R, S, L, CH and SH. Children who use Speech Buddies learn and feel how to correct a problem sound. Each Buddy has been scientifically proven to work 2 to 4 times faster than traditional speech therapy alone. One significant advantage of using these tools is they can be used at home, or in combination with your current speech therapy program. Each purchase of a Buddy comes a protective case, detailed instructions and free access to Speech Buddies University, a collection online games so your children can actually make speech therapy FUN.

Speech Buddies are easy to use. After you choose the right Buddy for your child, encourage him or her to practice using the tool three times per week, for about 10 minutes a session.  Your child can even learn to use his Speech Buddy himself if he is over the age of 6.

Watch how Speech Buddies work! Video: Watch How They Work

So, which Speech Buddy are you?  Lion, Shark, Cheetah?  The next time you are on social media and asked to compare yourself to an action figure or movie star, share your Super Seal Buddy personality with your friends!

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