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Many children have speech and language issues as a symptom of another condition, such a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or autism. Conditions and disorders such as these often cause other barriers to academic success as well, such as problems with time management, organization, and problem-solving. Some children with a TBI may have difficulty starting a task, for example. Barriers such as these may be difficult to cope with, but equipping your child with the right back-to-school tools can help him reach his academic goals. Your child’s back-to-school tools might include Speech Buddies for articulation or a shiny new iPhone with homework help apps. Many homework help apps assist your child with time management skills and assignment tracking. On the list below, there is also an app that can even encourage vocalization. Standard note-taking apps can also improve writing skills. Many of these apps are designed for older children or high school kids.


Evernote (free) is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. It’s a simple app that supports to-do lists and note-taking. Kids can organize their notes by tags and sync them across computers and other devices. Evernote stands out from most other note-taking/organizational apps in that it also allows for recorded voice reminders and photos. Kids who have trouble writing can snap photos of the chalkboard so that parents and speech therapists can help them with the material later. They can also record their voice to keep track of homework assignments or class notes. Kids who might be reluctant to track their assignments may appreciate this feature. Plus, it encourages vocalization and articulation practice for kids with speech disorders.

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Homework List

Homework List ($1.99) is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Kids who prefer a simpler interface without all the bells and whistles of Evernote will appreciate the simplicity of Homework List. It is a basic homework help app that allows for assignment tracking. Kids enter their homework assignments, set the priority level, and set the status (i.e. pending/completed).

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro ($0.99) is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. This homework help app received rave reviews from parents and students alike, but it is primarily intended for high school kids and college students, as well as parents who are tracking their children’s homework. Students can keep track of their class schedules and even add teacher contact info. There are also areas for extracurricular activities and of course, assignment organization. The app also features alert notifications and GPA calculators.

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myHomework (free) is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. This is a basic homework help app that features assignment tracking and class schedules. The deadlines for each assignment, test, or other event are displayed in eye-catching colors. They may be organized by category (test, paper, quiz) and priority level. The interface of myHomework appears simple enough that parents of younger kids might want to give it a try.

School & Stuff, Grades and Timetables

School & Stuff, Grades and Timetables ($3.99) is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. This is a homework help app that was designed for parents and teachers, rather than for kids. The app can track multiple children. Parents can keep track of grades (by letter or point average) and maintain a database of extracurricular activities, schedules, and speech therapy sessions, as well as keep track of teacher contact information. This app may be particularly helpful for parents of multiple children.

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