Expedite Speech Therapy Results – Get Involved!

Expedite Speech Therapy Results

You CAN Help Expedite Speech Therapy Results – Get Involved!

Often, we are asked if parents should take an active role in the speech therapy process, or if it is best to leave all things therapy to the SLP. If a child is currently in a speech therapy regime, parents are unsure if additional practice work at home is detrimental or helpful. It is helpful! Think of it this way, if you are able to help your child overcome his or her speech disorder more quickly,  it will help boost his or her confidence and free you up to get on with your busy life.

Speech disorders occur when correct pronunciation through normal visual and auditory clues. Of course, we are fans of a tactile, bio-feedback method, such as Speech Buddies Tools in conjunction with traditional speech therapy. When used properly, children can feel the correct tongue placement required for speech. There are other methods, however, that you as parents or caregivers can do to help supplement you child’s traditional speech therapy with a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and, in effect, speed up the process.

Reading is essential. Take time to read with your child every day, and in particular, work on the sounds that he is practicing in therapy. Conversation is another crucial way to supplement to speech therapy. Work with your child to correctly pronounce the targeted sounds in conversation around the house. Think of it as another form of “homework” for your child — only this time you can work on it together.

Parents are an extremely important part of their child’s therapy program. According to Kids Health, children who complete speech therapy programs most quickly and with the longest-lasting results are those whose parents have been involved. By asking your SLP for suggestions about how you can help your child, you are ensuring a more complete therapy program. Ask for examples of what they are working on in their sessions and at-home stimulation activities that the SLP suggests to ensure continued progress and carry-over of newly learned skills.

Let these families tell their stories — their children’s time in therapy was shortened with the use of Speech Buddies Tools as a supplement to a speech therapy program.

Need more information? Robert Kurtz, Speech-Language Pathologist has a very comprehensive website dedicated to resources and tools to help you and your child. Remember, getting involved is a good thing!

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