Beyond Traditional Articulation Therapy Seminar: Coming to Massachusetts


Beyond Traditional Articulation Therapy


New technology is abundant, from QR code readers to iPad apps, developments in technology are advancing all aspects of life and now speech therapy techniques too. If you want to move your patients and practice beyond traditional articulation therapy new, effective, evidence-based tools for your treatment arsenal are easier than you think. If you are looking for Easy-to-Use, Effective, Technology-Based Methods for the 21st Century please join Gordy Rogers, M.S. CCC-SLP, national speaker, expert and clinical founder of Speech Buddies this summer. CMI Education Institute and PESI Healthcare are bringing this engaging seminar to Taunton and Woburn Massachusetts this summer, and you’re invited! If you can’t make it, join the broadcast from your home or work computer and watch it live.

What You’ll Learn

Through a strong visual and interactive learning experience, participants will jump right into using technology and feeling confident doing so. Participants will practice and engage their fellow SLPs using Gordy’s expertise which will leave you confident in using technology in your articulation treatments. You’ll leave knowing how to implement new tools immediately at any process of therapy. The course outline is as follows:


Technology-Based Treatment Approaches to Use Right Away

The limitations of traditional methods of Articulation Therapy

Technology-based innovation in tough economic times: SLPs can be more efficient!

The research behind technology-based approaches

The types of sensory biofeedback: visual, auditory-visual and tactile


Treatment Strategies

What works best for which clients Always be evidence-based!

Types of articulation disorders

Treatment-resistant articulation disorders

Population-specific treatment considerations

Video-supported case studies

Hands-on demonstration: Speech Buddies® in action

Sharing war stories: clinical roundtable among seminar participants


phonological processes


Technology-Based Apps for Case Management, Data Collection and Parent Involvement

Software apps for case management and data collection: an overview

Stay on top of IEPs and clinical paperwork more efficiently

Getting your parents involved in therapy right away: let technology lead the way



Differentiate and describe the latest methods in technology-based biofeedback approaches.

Identify the treatment populations best served by technology-based approaches.

Employ step-by-step technology based treatment programs from intake to discharge.

Tailor technology-based biofeedback treatment programs to a variety of populations.

Involve parents/caregivers effectively in the therapy process from day one. Apply software-based case management and data collection to therapy right away.


Where You’ll Learn

Join Gordy this summer on July 11, 2013 in Taunton, MA at the Holiday in or via live video broadcast. If you can’t make it that day, try July 12, 2013 at the Hilton/Boston in Woburn, MA. Both days are from 8am-4pm.


Who will be Teaching You

Gordy Rogers is an expert in evaluating and treating articulation disorders and developing novel technology to improve outcomes. He is principal investigator for all Speech Buddies’ clinical efficacy programs and is a regular contributor to the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association’s research and commercial programs. His clinical practice at Brooklyn Speech Solutions in New York City focuses on speech and articulation disorders for preschool and school-aged children. Gordy earned his Bachelor of Arts in linguistics from Yale University and his Master of Science in speech-language pathology from Teachers College at Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.


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How to Register:

To register online:

Or to register by phone: 800-844-8260

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS:  This course is offered for .6 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level Professional area).

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