Fun In Atlanta – A New Great Place for Special Needs Families to Play

Special needs play center

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If you live in Atlanta or its bustling metro area and have a special needs child, you’ll be happy to know there is a great new place for you to get out and play with your child in an environment that’s safe, fun and stimulating. Often traditional amusements can be overwhelming, noisy and crowded with people who may not understand how your child wants and needs to interact with their environment. This can be frustrating for you and upsetting for your special needs child. But the great news is, this fun new place in Atlanta’s outskirts is specially made for families just like yours – Sensations TheraFun. This is a place special needs kids can play and thrive and special needs parents can relax and enjoy.

Sensations TheraFun is a new therapeutic play place located on the North side of Atlanta close to Lenox Mall and the Lindbergh Marta Station. If you’re just passing through Atlanta and want to give it a go, it’s conveniently located off of Interstate 85, just 15 minutes north of downtown. The convenient location is the least of the perks of this place, though. Designed with special needs children in mind, Sensations is not a clinic, but rather a place for fun that can help fulfill therapeutic goals.

Special needs play place

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Your child can come with their therapist along, or just with parents and family. Best of all, if you have children of different needs and abilities, all are welcome to come play! Here are some of the therapeutic play activities your child can participate in at Sensations TheraFun:

  • Zip Line
  • Climbing Wall
  • Mini Trampolines
  • Monkey Bars
  • Climbing Rope
  • Swinging Rings
  • Suspended Swings
  • Ball Pits
  • Rope Ladders
  • Swings
  • Exercise Mats
  • Bikes with and without Training Wheels
  • Balance Beams

There is an art room for painting, crafts, drawing and any other art activity you’d like to enjoy with your child. And while it’s not a therapy clinic, Sensations has six private rooms where therapists and children can meet for a session and also enjoy all of the perks of the facility. But it’s also great as a family fun place that’s an alternative to the madness of Chuck E. Cheese and places like that.

In addition to the art room and all the cool play equipment, Sensations offers skate and movie nights and the Wonder League, which they call “mainstream sports in a special needs environment.” Sensations has a 7,000 square foot indoor sports arena that hosts the Wonder League and TheraSports activities. TheraSports are intended to focus on social development, fun and team play. The sports are less about the sports themselves and more about socializing with other special needs children and gaining the concepts of team play.

Sensations Therafun special needs play place

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This multi-sensory activity center is a perfect place for a rainy day play date with your special needs child and your whole family. It’s also a great place to interact with other special needs families and form lasting friendships, learn about resources and share your story with other families on a similar journey.

Sensations TheraFun also offers after school and summer programs that may be a much better fit for your child than traditional programs at your school or local parks and recreation departments. They offer birthday parties where you can have a fun party in a fabulous therapeutic environment that will be fun for all your friends and family. There’s also a retail store at Sensations where you can pick up great toys, books and in-home therapy tools in a “try before you buy environment.”

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So how much does all this fun cost? It’s not too bad when you compare it against prices at other play places plus you get all of that great therapeutic play and special needs customized play equipment and activities. Unlimited play for a single day is $17 for the first child and $6 for other children in the same family. Children under two always play for free. You can get buy 10, get one free multi-visit cards. You can get a $12 early bird rate if you come Monday through Friday before noon.

And if you fall in love with Sensations TheraFun and want to play all you can, an annual family membership costs $2,200. With the annual pass, up to four kids can enjoy year-round unlimited play, free movie nights and 10% discounts off of birthday parties and summer camps. If you are a special needs family in or near Atlanta or are planning a trip to the Deep South soon, don’t miss out on giving Sensations TheraFun a try for therapeutic play in an environment custom built for your child that the whole family can enjoy!

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