Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Thanksgiving Crafts to Make with the Kids

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Thanksgiving Crafts to Make with the Kids

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Thanksgiving Crafts

These cute little turkeys make great appetizers at the kids’ table and you can add names for place cards at the dinner table. Image source: www.chattingoverchocolate.com

Somewhere along the way it became November and Thanksgiving is almost here. These Thanksgiving crafts not only help your little ones get into the holiday spirit, but they are easy ways to help prepare for the holiday, too, even producing appetizers, table setting options, and decorations. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for Speech Therapy Activities

Speech Therapy Techniques
Family Dinner Time - Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Image source: Oneinabillionblog.com

Looking for Thanksgiving dinner ideas? As you search for new recipes, don’t forget to incorporate speech therapy into the holidays. As the parent of a special needs child, it can often be difficult to see the forest for the trees. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the day-to-day grind of IFSPs, IEPs, and a plethora of other acronyms that we lose sight of the more important things in life. While they can be stressful, the holidays also provide an opportunity to step back, take a breath, and cherish your family. And while you’re looking for some Thanksgiving dinner ideas, remember that at-home speech therapy techniques can easily be incorporated into mealtimes, even during the holiday.

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