How Do I Teach My Child to Read?

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How do I teach my child to read?

Children learn to read through consistent exposure to various kinds of literature, as well as by engaging in different types of reading strategies like those outlined above. Image source:

Reading is a critical component of communication, and age 7 seems to be the magical turning point by which most children learn to read. Children who struggle up until this point – and those who still aren’t reading beyond 7 years of age, don’t necessarily have disabilities that are preventing them from acquiring literacy skills. However, it is valuable for parents to acknowledge the typical milestones for literacy and recognize the warning signs that something more serious than just a delay is preventing their children from reaching reading milestones. If you find yourself asking: How do I teach my child to read?, these following strategies are might give your child the support and extra attention to literacy that is needed. Continue reading

Apps for Beginning Readers

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Despite technology having taken over the world, books are undoubtedly the foundation of education. Your child can be inspired by a book about a ballet dancer’s hard work to perfect her craft. Or he could broaden his horizons with a book about conservation efforts in the National Park Services. But it takes a lot of hard work and effort for your child to learn how to read in the first place. And children with a speech or language disorder may need a little extra help. So despite books being the gold standard of education, your child’s efforts to learn to read might benefit from a boost from technology. This back-to-school season, help your child get ready for school with some kid-friendly apps for beginning readers. Encouraging reading as a regular habit early in life can not only bolster his speech and language development, but also accelerate his academic progress.

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Teach Your Child to Read with Apps

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Learning to read is a gradual process and children with speech disorders may need a little extra help. Before you whip out those flashcards, consider downloading some kid-friendly reading apps instead. Encourage your kids to read with apps so that they can learn anywhere – including in the car or on vacation – without toting along a crate full of speech therapy toys and flashcards.

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