Essential Tricks & Tips for Using Flashcards for Kids

Speech Therapy Techniques
Toddler Using Flashcards for Kids

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Flashcards for kids are often saddled with a bad reputation. And indeed, drilling a child relentlessly with the same set of flashcards in the same manner over and over again might cause the youngster to get a little bored with them. On the other hand, repetition is critical for articulation practice and other speech therapy techniques. So what’s a parent to do? Try incorporating games that your child will enjoy into the flashcards routine. Customize the games to your child’s particular interests, if possible. And as always, talk to your child’s speech-language pathologist (SLP) and find out what games she is using in speech therapy to keep your child engaged. She can also offer some advice for customizing flashcard games and the flashcards themselves to your child’s particular speech and language needs.

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