Why Pediatricians are amongst New Parents’ Best Friends

Parents' Corner

Pediatricians & Speech-Language-Hearing Development

Every parenting book you’ve ever read tells you to never, never, never leave your baby unattended while you hunt frantically around your house for a diaper. And on this topic, every parenting book you have ever read is exactly correct. When my daughter was 4 months old, I laid her down on the sofa and went looking for my diaper bag. She’d never rolled over before; what could go wrong? In less than a heartbeat, she’d rolled right off that sofa and smashed her head right onto our hardwood floor. In a cold panic, I rushed her to the pediatrician’s office.

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An In-Depth Look at Aphasia

Speech Disorders
Elderly Woman in Hospital

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Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that results from damage to the brain, most often from a stroke. Adults are more frequently afflicted with aphasia due to the cause of the disorder; however, children may also acquire aphasia. Other causes may include an infection, head trauma, or brain tumor.

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