My Child Has An Appointment at the Speech Clinic – What Can I Expect?

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Speech therapy is offered through many different settings – in school, through in-home services, early childhood education, and private speech clinics. If your child has an appointment at a speech clinic for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect. Although each clinic and speech-language pathologist (SLP) will have their own ways of assessing your child and planning any speech therapy that is needed, there are some general steps that are quite common (and helpful) to take during that first appointment. Continue reading

What Can We Expect from Speech Therapy in School?

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Special Education 101 and Speech Therapy in School

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Your child is starting speech therapy in school. But what exactly does this mean? The type of services your child will receive in school will depend on many factors. These include your child’s age, the type of speech disorder that has been diagnosed, other learning delays or disabilities, the structure of your child’s school, and more. The two basic forms of speech therapy in schools include in-class (sometimes referred to as push-in services) and separate services (sometimes also known as pull-out services). There are also other forms of assistance that speech-language pathologists can offer to your child. Continue reading

What is Speech Therapy and How Do I Find a Speech Therapist?

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Becoming a Speech Therapist

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Last week, we started discussing some of the basics of speech therapy, including why your child might benefit from it. This week, we’ll continue the four-part series, covering questions such as “How do I find a speech therapist?” “How do I do at-home speech therapy?” and “Just what the heck does a speech therapist do, anyway?!?” Whether your child has recently received a diagnosis or you suspect that he might have a speech and language issue (or you just want to brush up on the basics), check out these introductory guides. Then, head over to the comprehensive resources Speech Buddies offers on specific speech issues.

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