Understanding Common Core Standards

Understanding Common Core Standards

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Common Core Standards

What is the Common Core Standards Initiative?
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Common Core Standards are a hot topic around here!  But, what exactly are these standards and why do we need to become familiar with them?  Common Core Standards are a clear set of benchmarks for what children will be learning in English language, arts/literacy and math from kindergarten through high school. Adopted by 44 states and District of Columbia, the Common Core State Standards outline what exactly a student should know and should be able to do at the end of each grade. The standards emphasize skills that ensure students graduating from high school are prepared to take college-level classes or enter the workforce. Unlike previous state standards, which varied greatly from state to state, the Common Core Standards seek to establish collaboration among the participating states on a range of tools, textbooks, digital media and teaching focus and materials. Continue reading

Development Chart: What Your Child Should Know

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Parents of young children are often surrounded by charts. Growth charts that measure height, developmental milestone charts, child speech development charts, and charts full of advice on feeding your family healthy foods. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. What if your child isn’t reaching his milestones? Does this automatically mean there is a problem?

Not at all. Avoid hitting the panic button. Remind yourself that every child progresses at his own rate. However, it never hurts to have him evaluated by a speech-language pathologist (SLP) just in case he might have a speech disorder or delay. It’s a good idea to periodically evaluate your child’s progress with the help of a development chart. You can also ask your child’s teacher for observations about his speech and language development, as well as his progress in other critical areas, such as social development.

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