Practical Advice for Parents of an Autistic Child: An Interview with Tim Tucker

The Tucker Family - Raising an Autistic Child

Courtesy: Tim Tucker

Autism can cause a wide range of symptoms, from sensory issues to communication difficulties. Kids with autism often require speech therapy to encourage vocalizations. This week we’re talking with Tim Tucker of Both Hands and a Flashlight about his advice for parents of an autistic child. Tim and his wife, Mary, have two adorable little boys. Jonas (aka J-Man) is 7 and Eli (aka Dale Jr.) is 3 ½ years old. Jonas was diagnosed with autism, and like most parents of an autistic child, Tim and Mary initially struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis. But despite the challenges, Tim advises parents to develop positive affirmations, to embrace the identity of being the parent of an autistic child. Read on to find out Jonas’ speech therapy techniques, and check out Tim’s free e-book, “I Am An Autism Parent.”

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