An Interview with Jen Krause on Childhood Apraxia

The Krause Kids

Courtesy: Jen Krause

Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a neurological motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have difficulty producing sounds and words because their brains cannot properly control the muscle movements that are required for sound. However, with intensive speech therapy, verbalization is possible. Jen Krause of offers hope of progress for parents of children with CAS. Her son Luke was diagnosed with CAS when he was about two years old and today, he has progressed to the point at which he no longer has a diagnosis of apraxia. Read on to find out Jen’s tips for parents of children with speech disorders. She shares her family’s story of coping with the diagnosis, and Luke’s speech therapist, Elyse Sutherland, discusses the techniques she uses to encourage speech and language development.

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