How to Improve Articulation

Pronunciation & Lisps Speech Therapy Techniques
Child using Megaphone

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You’ve probably had this experience before: you’re at a playgroup or birthday party with your child, and you’re trying to converse with the other little ones there. But the kid’s speech is difficult to understand, and you have to call his parent over to interpret. Or maybe you have to guess a few times before you can figure out what your own child is saying. It’s perfectly normal for a young child to pronounce “room” as “woom” and “sun” as “thun.” Some children master most or all sounds by five years of age, while others master articulation by the age of eight. If you believe your child might be struggling with articulation, you can request an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist (SLP). If the SLP diagnoses your child with a speech disorder or delay, speech therapy can help improve articulation. You can also use some simple, fun activities at home to encourage proper articulation.

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