The Latest in Apps: Expedition with Plurals

Baby Using iPad App

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As the technology continues to advance, apps users expect more and more out of their devices. Virtual Speech Center Inc. is striving to meet those expectations with the release of their latest speech therapy app, Expedition with Plurals. Expedition with Plurals is an iPad app released in late May, 2012. While there is currently no iPhone version, rest assured; there are plenty of other speech therapy apps for those with smartphones instead.

It might be tough for the less technologically eager among us to embrace the use of apps for education whilst ditching old-fashioned methods, but you really don’t have to. Try using both approaches simultaneously. Speech therapy apps should never replace sessions with a certified speech-language pathologist (SLP), but they do provide a fun, engaging way for parents to do speech therapy for kids at home. Use apps in addition to other speech therapy tools and toys that are intended to encourage development.

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