The Benefits of Online Speech Therapy: An Interview with Jeremy Glauser of Visual Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Techniques
Lauren Works with Online Speech Therapy at VST

Courtesy: Jeremy Glauser

Yesterday, we discussed a speech therapy technique that has recently been gaining more mainstream attention amongst speech-language pathologists (SLPs): online speech therapy. If that caught your attention, you won’t want to miss today’s interview with Jeremy Glauser of Visual Speech Therapy (VST), a telepractice service. Jeremy is passionate about helping children with speech disorders excel in life. To that end, Visual Speech Therapy offers real-time, face-to-face online speech therapy sessions with qualified SLPs via their specialized software system. VST speech therapists are highly qualified to train clients in the use of Speech Buddies to accelerate articulation progress. Visual Speech Therapy is dedicated to providing customized, effective speech therapy to clients. Below, check out Jeremy’s discussion of the ways that telepractice can benefit your child.

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