8 Great Books that Help Build Character in Kids

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Build character in kids with these 8 stories

 Mind your manners. Say please and thank you. Look someone in the eyes when speaking with them. Share your toys. These are just a few of the mantras that parents everywhere use to encourage caring, empathetic, and moral qualities in their children. Parental reminders and modeling aren’t the only ways to do this – the habit of reading good books in childhood has been shown to help build character in kids.

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Expand Your Child’s Reading List this Summer

Language Development School
Image Courtesy of visual.ly

Image Courtesy of visual.ly

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean the books have to collect dust on the shelves. For kids with communication delays, this can actually be the best time of year to focus on reading more and developing the skills that are critical not only for literacy, but for oral communication. Reading proficiency is closely tied with the spoken language, so when you work on one aspect, you are able to reinforce the other. Don’t forget to add to your own reading list, too, because research shows that kids who live in households where the adults are reading are more likely to become literate as well. Continue reading