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Have you ever wanted to figure out what your baby is trying to say when he cries? Probably every parent has. It can be frustrating to try to soothe a fussy baby when he refuses his bottle and doesn’t need to be changed. Baby sign language can facilitate communication between you and your little one. Parents are a child’s first teachers; consider sharing sign language skills with your baby to reduce frustration and start him on the path toward speech and language development. Remember to voice the words associated with the signs as you use them to help him learn spoken language, as well. Older children can also benefit from learning sign language, particularly if they have a speech disorder or delay, or if they have hearing loss. Here are a few helpful sign language apps to help you get started.

Sign to Talk

Sign to Talk ($19.99) is compatible with the iPad. This app was designed for children who have not yet begun to imitate words or phrases. It was also intended to facilitate the leap from nonverbal to verbal communication. The app features signs for 190 everyday objects and actions. Each sign is accompanied by a real-life photo and a video demonstration of the sign. The app also includes word approximations for each sign to guide the child toward proper articulation. A customer review of this app gave it high praise, but noted that it unfortunately lacks sound.

Sign Language Zoo

This app ($0.99) is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It features over 30 animal signs and offers accompanying video for each that features real-life interactions with the animals. The signs are demonstrated by an instructor certified in American Sign Language (ASL). The instructor also demonstrates facial expressions as he signs.

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Sign Language Pro

This app ($1.99) is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is intended for older children with hearing loss and their parents or caregivers. This app features signs for common phrases and sentences, such as “Nice to meet you,” “I’m cold,” and “I got ice cream but I am not hungry, do you want some?” While your child might never use that last sentence, this app teaches many others. It also teaches sentence structure and grammar. Customer reviews gave it high praise.

Signing Bee

This app ($1.99) is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It features the ABC’s in flashcard format. A hand on each flashcard demonstrates the sign. Tap the flashcard twice to hear audio of the letter. This app also features a signing bee and a matching game to test your skills.

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Sign Language Idioms

This app ($1.99) is compatible with the iPad. It features nearly 100 common idioms and phrases. Each phrase has an accompanying video that demonstrates the signs, which may be played at two different speeds. So if you have trouble with a tricky sign, you can slow down the video. The app includes idioms and phrases like “Butterflies in one’s stomach,” “As easy as pie,” and “Add fuel to the fire.” Older children may get more use out of this app.

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