Finding the Special Needs Community on Twitter

Finding the Special Needs Community on Twitter

Maybe you’ve heard of Twitter, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Maybe you’re a tweeting pro, but haven’t explored the vibrant special needs community on twitter. The Speech Buddies crew put their beaks to the grindstone and came up with these special needs twitter accounts as a good place to start. Get your follow-buttons ready…

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Special Needs Support on Twitter

Truth be told, parenting special needs children can be overwhelming at times — heck, parenting <period> is overwhelming. Fortunately social media exists, and while you may be accustomed to perusing wedding photos and puppy escapades with your evening Merlot, social media can also be a fantastic support network. These online communities not only share valuable information, and entertaining events, but they help families connect with others who are going through similar situations.

Twitter has become a vibrant place where special needs communities can discuss current issues, up-to-date news and information while at the same time share stories and experiences. Below are six Twitter accounts that frequently keep their followers up to speed with current hot topics or information that every special needs parent should know.

Where to Start with the Twitter Special Needs Community

special needs radio @TheCoffeeKlatch – Special Needs Radio The Coffee Klatch was initially started on Twitter – a forum where parents of special needs children could come together to share and listen to each other’s experiences as well as sharing information. Now, The Coffee Klatch is a network of parents and experts who collaborate together on special needs. Their twitter account is full with helpful resources and topics that relate to special needs.
disability-scoop @disabilityscoop — The Premier Source for Developmental Disability News
When it comes to developmental disabilities, Disability Scoop has built a reputation on providing its followers with the latests news on autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and much more.
Apraxia-kids-casana @Apraxia_KIDS -Apraxia KIDS CASANA
The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) is a nonprofit dedicated to provide children with apraxia and their families with current information. They also keep you informed on upcoming events, such as webinars, seminars and workshops.
moms-view-of-adhd @adhdmomma – A Mom’s View of ADHD
A Mom’s View of ADHD was created in order allow parents to share stories, information and resources about raising children with ADHD. A Phd Developmental Psychologist and mom of 2, she has great perspective.
autism-today @Autism_Today
Autism Today provides up-to-date autism news from today’s leading experts. They also provide advice for parents and other individuals who are impacted by autism. You can follow them on their twitter account and/or their Facebook account.
Autism-live @AutismLiveShow – Autism Live
Autism Live is an interactive web show that not only provides entertainment and inspiration, but also provides great resources and information relating to children with autism. They also encourage their viewers to participate by asking questions, offering suggestions on topics that they wish to discuss and/or learn more about. They frequently update their twitter followers with upcoming live shows. They post their live shows to Youtube.
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