Is my Child Ready for Preschool? 10 Step Checklist

Is my Child Ready for Preschool? 10 Step Checklist

Is your child preschool ready?

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Is your child ready for preschool in the Fall? We know that it’s only May, but it’s never too early to assess whether or not your child will be preschool ready come September. And, with Summer fast approaching, there is plenty of opportunity to work with your child to refine his or her basic skills which are often referred to as “school-readiness” skills. All children develop on their own unique schedule! If he’s not there yet, be patient, he will be soon!

When your child starts school at any age, whether it’s preschool, kindergarten or beyond, he is expected to have certain basic skills already mastered. Sure, there will be a few that are not done perfectly, but essentially your child should be able to complete age-appropriate skills before entering school. We’ve put together a list of skills and chores that your child should be able to accomplish that indicate if your child is preschool ready. Every child develops at his or her own pace, so don’t panic if your child is not hitting all the milestones yet. These act as general guidelines to give you an idea of what your child’s preschool teacher will be looking for when school begins.

Preschool Readiness Checklist

Emotional Development

  • Recognizes other people’s emotions
  • Takes turns and is able to share toys

Attention & Independence

  • Listens to simple instructions
  • Sits still during story time
  • Can separate himself from you for a few hours
  • Enjoys doing things herself sometimes, such as getting dressed on her own

Language, Art, and Math

  • Recognizes some shapes and colors
  • Recites the alphabet and recognize some letters
  • Expresses thoughts and needs verbally
  • Recites his full name
  • Counts to five
  • Draws with crayons or pencils

Many preschool teachers agree that a child’s preschool readiness depends more on his or her individual personality and temperament than her so-called “academic” abilities. Kids Soup offers a comprehensive Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Checklist. The more prepared you and your child are as Summer comes to and end and as we approach the school year, the smoother and happier the experience will be. If you find that your child still has some work to do, use the summer to improve his skills with some fun online games and activities!

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