Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech is an oral motor speech disorder affecting an individual’s ability to translate conscious speech plans into motor plans, which result in limited and difficult speech ability. Individuals with this disorder have difficulty connecting speech messages from the brain to the mouth. Apraxia of Speech can be discovered in childhood (CAS), or might be acquired (AOS) resulting from a brain injury or illness in both children and adults.



Symptoms and Characteristics of Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech is a communication disorder affecting the motor programming system for speech production.  Speech production is difficult – specifically with sequencing and forming sounds. The person may know what he wants to say, but there is a disruption in the part of the brain that sends the signal to the muscle for the movement necessary to produce the sound.  That leads to problems with articulation as well as intonation and speaking stress and rhythm errors.


Treatment for Apraxia of Speech

Treatment for apraxia of speech is usually accomplished with one-on-one lessons with a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). SLPs use a variety of treatments for apraxia to improve the consistency and fluency of communication. There is generally a combination of methods designed to target and help correct the production of speech. Linguistic exercises will focus on the placement of the mouth in forming speech sounds and motor exercises will focus on the actual motor movements necessary for producing speech. Sequencing and transitioning are practiced often, as this is where the neuro-processing breaks down for children and adults with apraxia.

Speech Buddies have shown to significantly help children with apraxia.


Other Speech Disorders

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